Margaret vant Erve





Siberian Irises

Painted and Embroidered Images

Growing up on a farm in the Ottawa Valley immersed in country life has nourished a strong attachment to Canada’s rural and natural landscape. Although I live in the city now, most of the subjects that find their way into my work are the rural things that I grew up with.

In my landscapes I try to create a sense of space and atmosphere that conveys the beauty and uniqueness of this country. I attempt to capture the simplicity of a landscape so that the work is compositionally strong  from a distance -  yet when you go up close, you can explore the details endlessly. I studied textile arts at Sheridan College, the Ontario College of Art and through a small private embroidery school.  I combine my painting skills with my mastery of stitching to create evocative landscapes. 

I also like to embroider botanical studies in silk hand embroidery or machine embroidered quilts.  Each technique is a beautiful, complex medium to work in and has it’s own unique characteristics. In this impatient world of ours, it is a gift to work in a technique that is labour intensive and to create images that reflect a beautiful world where there are still good things to be found.




Still August Day


Summer Blessing


Tanya's Garden


The George Farm


Winter Light
Winter Meditation


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