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Oriental Reflections

This silk and metal thread kimono is a symbolic piece designed for the 25th anniversary of the Embroiderers' Association of Canada. 

Images and Illusions

Images and Illusions was a design concept developed in 1982 as part of my final course work for the Canvas Work Correspondence Course for Teachers from the National Standards Council of American Embroiderers (NSCAE).  This research paper is based on design sources from the man-made world  and the development of a stitch unit based on the study of logarithmic curves.

Images and Illusions

Beauty Marks

My vintage silk kimono was part of a large, multi-media collaborative art work along with Saskatchewan artists Barbra Goretzky (clay sculpture), Val Moker (painting), Megan J. Hazel (jewelry), Leslie Hensrud (painting) and Marian J. Ready (photography).   Visitors to the gallery were invited to add their own artistic strokes and signatures to the canvas in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Stoney Creek Bridge

Multi-media embroidery on silk fabric.  1989

The design was commissioned by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool as a gift to R.S. Allison, President of CP Rail in commemoration of the newly completed Stoney Creek Bridge in Rogers Pass

Deco 1 & 2

The art deco images on the columns of the Albert Street Bridge were the inspiration for this series of eight embroideries, commissioned by the City of Regina for presentation as Volunteer Recognition Awards. Woven fabric background using French Knots, Satin, Stem, Chain and Split stitches.

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