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The Women of Government House:

The Women of Government House series of Christmas ornaments was started in 1999 as part of the Regina Stitchery Guild s project for the new millennium. This project honors the women who have played a prominent role in the history of Government House since it welcomed its first occupants in 1891.


Dragon Boats:

I discovered Dragon Boats on one of my early teaching trips and was so intrigued with the technique that I spend the better part of a four hours wait for a connecting flight happily winding the cardboard forms. Over the next year I taught several classes at needlework guilds and trade shows to students who were not only equally enthusiastic, but prolific in the production of these colorful little gems.  Dragon Boats soon began to appear by the dozens at craft markets and gift shops in every conceivable color combination.  I do hope you have fun creating your own Dragon Boat but be warned - they are addictive.


Images and Illusions:

Images and Illusions was a design concept developed in 1982 as part of my final course work for the Canvas Work Correspondence Course for Teachers from the National Standards Council of American Embroiderers (NSCAE).  This research paper is based on design sources from the man-made world  and the development of a stitch unit based on the study of logarithmic curves.



Minerva Serbu Collection:

The Minerva Serbu Collection is a remarkable collection of fine needlework. Many of the pieces from this collection were worked by Minerva during her early schooling in Romania, which included classes in various embroidery techniques in their program. From 1901-1903 she studied at the Frauenarbeitschule in Hermanstadt and the notation on her record book states that: "According to the semestrial certificate, Ms. Minerva Serbu is considered able to teach needlework to women in high level schools."  Working with this phenomenal collection was a once in a lifetime experience. The amazing story of Minerva's life was written by Evelyn Jonescu in a separate article and appeared in the May/June 2003 issue of Piecework magazine.


From her hands through mine….a project inspired by a small, intricately worked Gobelin stitch purse from the Serbu Collection. Originally worked with fine wool and metal thread, this contemporary interpretation is worked in rich spun silk complimented by sparkling metallic threads.  The design can be framed or set into the lid of a small box to hold your treasured sewing tools. My sincere thanks and appreciation to PieceWork magazine for giving permission to use these articles on my web site.  For back issues of this magazine and other wonderful articles, you can access PieceWork at



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