Tips & Tricks



pdf   Transfer Printing on Canvas:
A simple step by step method for printing photographs and other images onto canvas using iron on transfer paper.



A quick and easy guide to several basic couching techniques for canvas.


Cyber Workshops: An Overview:
A Cyber or Online Workshop is an exciting form of instruction that offers you the opportunity to participate in seminar level classes taught by a professional needlework teacher without having to travel further than your computer.


Finishing Ornaments Using Foam Core:
A simple step by step technique for finishing your own ornaments with professional results.



Float Mounting:
I adapted this simple method for mounting and framing kimono, miniature rugs and other dimensional embroideries from my conservation work with textiles at Government House.



Mounting a Warped Canvas:
A simple technique for determining if the canvas you are using is off grain and how to get it back on grain before you start stitching for perfect results.


Steam Blocking:
A quick and easy method to block and freshen your needlepoint while it is still on the stretcher bars. This technique works for virtually all thread types and eliminates the worry of dyes that may be unstable.


Taming Threads:
Techniques for taming filament silk, relaxing a tight twist and taking the kinks out of carded threads.

  Thread Rolls:
One of the best tricks I learned was this one from Betty Chen Louis on how to keep multiple working threads in order.

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